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Business Intelligence – Why?

Companies of any size and dedication needs to know every aspect of its performance at any time. Information obtained from diverse sources must be the truth for all company.

Growing and need for accurate Information...

When any organization grows in sales, in revenues, in production or in investments, the necessity of accurate, opportune and bullet-proof information grows too. This situation become vital for all organization decision-makers and virtually any employee is a decision-maker or a decision-influencer.

Every company needs to address some particular situations like:

  • The trust about shown information. All shared or distributed information must be unique, no matter who produce this.
  • Focus on organization goals. All efforts and resources must be directed in order to achieve the proposed goals on time and on budget.
  • All information must be easily located. It is important locate and compare historic with current values and obtain all values in the same and easy way.

The main goal of any Business Intelligence Implementation is dramatically improve the quality of organization’s decision-making processes.

The core of systems that serves the driving activities for every organization is naturally transactional: the main objective for this kind of systems is to record every important event like sales, inventory or production. But its transactional nature lacks of analysis capabilities, because the stored data has no meaning without I.T. Unit intervention and this data is organized for transactional system´s performance satisfaction, not for final users’ questions’ answers.

Then, Business Intelligence Implementation act like a sort of crunching translator, putting operational data in front of final users with a definite meaning, easily recognizable across all organization or business unit. This aspect is critical: a Business Intelligence implementation must answer the most important questions from business users in the form of key performance indicators.