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About the Author

Jesús Torres is an ORACLE Specialist that has acted as Consultant expert in this software for more than 15 years. Their experience includes the use of ORACLE tools in all the phases of the Information Systems Life Cycle including analysis, design, programming, tests, quality assurance and deployment of applications for the areas of Finance, Wholesales, Detail Sales, Direct Sales and Goods and Services Distribution.



This specialist has been leader and team member in projects of such solutions as: Billing and Inventory Systems, Supply Chain and Shipping Control Systems, Management Information Systems and Business Intelligence Systems in the previously mentioned areas. He has also participated in these and other projects like applications integrator in heterogeneous environments, basically among closed applications of third software builders, applications developed in house and office applications.

Her career is supported in her studies in order to obtain Associate Degree in Computer Science and different additional courses: Project Management, Requirements Engineering, Leadership and Information Systems Life Cycle. He has obtained other specializations as ORACLE Database Administration and Information Systems Development Methodologies. He has also dominated different programming languages and programming platforms, like (besides ORACLE): Java and J2EE, Microsoft Visual Basic and .NET Framework, Open Source tools like Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.