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Business Intelligence Implementation – Some Considerations about BI Project Team Members

It is appropriate to review and to learn about past Business Intelligence projects, in order to watch carefully some details to take in count for future implementations. In this opportunity, it is important to do some key considerations about the members of a team in charge to do Business Intelligence implementation activities.

The most important members for every Business Intelligence Implementation are the key users or stakeholders, who going to define all characteristics and necessities to resolve with the new implementation. It is necessary to establish some vital to-do’s about these actors:

  • Team


    Choose and obtain a strong commitment from key stakeholders. For IT team members and for all organization, it is important to establish a stable basement for BI projects and the most important participants are users and stakeholders. Organization’s High Statement must guarantee their support and help to all project participants and efforts because high positive impact for whole company.

  • Choose IT team members for BI project. Describe precisely their responsibilities and isolate them from other activities. Guarantee their planning activities for BI implementation and shield their efforts with support personnel. The BI Team must keep focused in their project, deriving urgent requests to support teams.
  • Maintain standardized ways of communication. All stakeholders, users, IT Team members and supervision must be informed with regular activities, like meetings and progress reports, using centralized document repository, accessible by all members.
  • Follow carefully all Software Development Life Cycle Management Guidelines. Give appropriate training about this development methodology to all team members, clarify and establish project and documentation scopes, do and inform all corrections.

Here, the key is to maintain the team members focused on their objectives and maintain among them a collaboration relationship through information, communication and planning. The goals to be reached by this team must establish all activities and efforts.

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