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Business Intelligence: Training Importance and Tips

An important activity in every BI Implementation is undoubtedly a carefully planned and prepared training plan. A good training plan can guarantee a better application experience, a better relationship among users, a better and standardized use of resources, terms and concepts and better communication and information flow. Many of these achievements are pursued goals of any BI deployment too.

The key subject here is to manage the most productive utilization of BI tools in order to improve information delivery and usage for decision-making processes.


Training Importance...

Like any software implementation, training must be executed keeping in mind some key factors:

  • Users understand Business activities, in many cases they just not have to understand tech activities, although it is desirable and productive some empathy among work teams.
  • Training activities are important to companies’ activities and strategies, so business performance and productivity of these activities must be measured.
  • Training activities are important to employees as important assets of their careers, so these activities could be an interesting incentive for all people involved.

For BI related-training:

  • Sessions must be interesting, useful, well documented and experience-intensive where business knowledge might be combined with BI application usage possibilities.
  • Concepts and definitions must be clearly explained. Here is a key factor to remember standardization efforts to clarify terms and business rules in order to “talk the same language” across all organization.
  • Build close relationships with all involved people, basically with Human Resources Department for key and new employees and any involved user unit in order to keep updated the knowledge of employees.
  • During training sessions, using appropriate teaching resources is vital: multimedia gadgets, training workstations, sound. Also is important trainers’ attitude and rooms’ comfort.

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