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An interesting Career Opportunity

The blend between Information Technology and Business worlds certainly is an attractive evolution from one specialization to another (or to a new one). This special opportunity is produced when a necessity for trusty and timely information becomes an exigency from Business Units which requests for information incomes in order to be capable to take right decisions.

Business Intelligence Career

Business Intelligence Career

Business Intelligence design, development, deployment and training areas requires of abundant knowledge and expertise about several information technology subjects, like core systems and its databases, infrastructure and access and security. On the other hand, it is required to have business experience and deep knowledge about business rules and behaviors, financial and economics expertise, market research, government regulations and compliance issues. Other related areas are: graphical design, user interfaces interaction design and documentary skills.

The nature of Business Intelligence projects permits to execute every phase or activity from “important” point of view: doing well with no other stress but time milestones. Most of IT projects have an “Urgent” label. This BI projects’ character is very appreciated among IT professionals and is an additional advantage for Business Intelligence specialists. Also, this professional could scale positions in both sides (IT and business sides) due to accumulated and mixed experience working on Business Intelligence implementations.

From Business point of view, every professional involved on a Business Intelligence implementation have a valuable additional functions: research into corporate data finding answers to critical business questions, effectively improving business performance by demonstrating behaviors, trends and strategies results with high quality data findings and benchmarking their organization against competition companies. This kind of activities can give more potential and re-valorize any job position.

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